About Me 

Yoo, what up. My name is Felipe Martinez. I could go by my artist name FMD. I began my study at Pasadena City College. I received an associates degree in Engineering and Tech. My goal was to become an engineer or architect. However, I was stuck between the engineering and the arts. That's when I was introduced to Industrial Design.


During my last semester at PCC, a design professor named Stan Kong recognized what I was going through. He told me to check out Product Design. I made the decision to transfer to Cal State Long Beach without knowing what it was. Crazy as it sounds, since then I never looked back and found a passion in design. In  receiving my Bachelor's of Science of Product Design and a Minor in Business. I discovered many creative hobbies and my own kind of personal study throughout this field. Relating many of my personal activities, I found interest in self studying Fitness, music, and psychology. My main design focus are active wear, sports wear, and wearables. 

When I'm not actually creating products, my hobbies include things such as personal art, fitness and music for fun. I may use my hobbies as a way to promote my brands, my life or interests to express how I feel, who I am and what I gone through to help and relate to others. I create what I love to do. I use what I produce to provide others a way to help them progress in life such as health, social life, self love and self improvement. There is no day I stop creating or learn something new. I love learning. I will use now what I know and create things that will greatly benefit many people, in hope they become the best version of themselves.

My brands are: +SPAR APPAREL (Urban Athletic Clothing Brand) and my YouTube channel.


P.S By the way I do I love cars and motorcycles! I grew up in the bad ass east la car culture. I was raised fixing and restoring cars as a way of life. My designs may not reflect car designs but I'm a classic, exotic, muscle and sports car fanatic. You will probably see me working and customizing cars for fun.

"Let me spark your emotions"