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About Me 

Yoo, what up. My name is Felipe Martinez. I could go by my artistic name FMD. I began my study at Pasadena City College. I received an associates degree in Engineering+Tech and Kinesiology. My goal was to become an engineer or architect. However, I was stuck between the engineering and the arts. That's when I was introduced to Industrial Design.


During my last semester at PCC, a design professor named Stan Kong recognized what I was going through. He told me to check out Product Design. I made the decision to transfer to Cal State Long Beach without knowing what it was. Crazy as it sounds, since then I found an interest in design (Product Development). In receiving my Bachelor's of Science of Product Design and a Minor in Business. I discovered many creative hobbies and my own kind of personal study throughout this field. Throughout my years of study I needed to find ways to de-stress. I found exploring new music and working out as a way to relax. Since then I found passion in both activities and have included that into my lifestyle.

I know I haven't ever detached myself from fitness and exploring music which led most recently to dipping myself into music production as a hobby.

I know within fitness or most recently music, I can create good products. Documenting my interests has always been difficult for me to do but every day I do my best to do that and show my audience my journey. I hope the ideas and products I provide or create can be of great help for others to accomplish their individual goals.

My brands are:

FMD Studios (Overall Personal Brand) | Found My Destination

SPARA (Fitness Gear) Work In Progress..

FTHB | For The Highest Breed (Health Fitness Products) Work in Progress..

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