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Fame Ink! Website is now live!!!

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Hey guys!

I just launched my website as! It has been awhile since I created a post but I continued working on my website since. I wanted to perfect my website where it would be ready enough to look like my personal website. I wanted to really show my personality when anyone enters and roams through it. I decided to call it "Futreink" for the reason that ill go under the design name "Futre." Meaning "future" in short without the U and many other meanings that accompany it. Mainly because it does not only start with the letter "F" but I have a little bit of special inner ability called precognition. Don't take my word for it! I'm not a physcic, however I do tend to have a very good gut feeling about alot of things and really feel something is coming. As for "ink", I can relate to ink in so many ways where I have such a special bond with it. My first media when I began drawing, I do not remember the age but it was "ink", a pen. I enjoy the boldness of the color and the media itself is just wonderful to work with. Further, it was a such coincidence that the computer I am using now has a desktop wallpaper cover called "use ink". I do need an upgrade but this pc has served 7 years, using windows 7 and possibly still going strong after a few fixes. I do have to say,I have such a special connection with this item, it has taken me to the beginning of school to the end of it! Graduate of California State University Longbeach with a BS in Industrial Design and Minor in Buisness. Connected my domain the day before my industial design senior show ceremony!

Anyways! Here it is and welcome! This website will not only be my personal website but a place to show all my work as a portfolio. Show off how I do things in a complex level. I want this website to not only provide a world of what I created but how I did it and for others to learn and know more about me. Designs, artwork, the design processes, tutorials, how I see the world and what I will do/have to enhance the future where we live in!

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