• Felip M.

What helps me create ideas? A sense of productive balance for myself.

Besides designing products...Illustration helps my ideas go wild and bring innovation but through an artistic and unrealistic perspective. Even though I have fun creating products, I have a blast creating graffiti, neotraditional or maybe abstract realism that goes beyond reality. You know what I'm saying. It provides me that artistic satisfaction and let loose on not being to realistic and strict on my product functionality and aesthetics. Going against the normal mechanics of things and life. This not only aided my own artistic illustration style but created even better ideas and innovations for my real life products. My product design education did not just elevated me as a better sketcher but forced me to understand on how things work thus implementing onto my sketches. Throwing down quick real functional things go wild and thus creating mind blowing concepts developed into how you would spit in the rap game "double entendre" visualizations.

So I create this vice versa beneficial effect for my real products and my illustration style. Also my illustrations allow me to do products I may not do in real life. I mainly will make things that do portray my interests in life or somehow have impacted my lie and turn into a relative design.

One last creative activity I do is make beats and lyrical rap for fun. It allows to me to become a little bit articulate on facts and words, be a fast thinker and expand my brain with music. I develop this beautiful imagery in my head it is such a healthy exercise for me. Not going to mention it but I do love my hip-hop.

My physical meditation and stress relief

Do not say no more fam. Y'all need to get out besides being stuck in your studio. I know I do need it. You gotta be out there and be active.

Working out and being into fitness helps me do that.

MMA or boxing for that cardio and I have this fulfilling lifestyle that always keeps my on my toes.

To be honest, this all seems like too much for some but these are the things I am passionate about and keep me busy. I hope this provides some insight into how I balance a productive lifestyle and help you have a fruitful way of life as well. Peace out and stay young!

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